Room Types

The MX Motel has six room types.  All rooms have satellite TV and free Wi-Fi.

Single Room (room 19 pictured)

Single Room (room 19 pictured)

Single room

Single rooms have one queen bed.  Room 19 also has a futon.  These rooms are tastefully decorated and have flat-screen TVs, a refrigerator and a microwave.  We have 8 single rooms (rooms 11,12, and 23 are "economy rooms", meaning they do not have a refrigerator or microwave and they are smaller than normal rooms.)


Double Room with Kitchen

These rooms have 2 queen beds and a full kitchen.  They are nicely updated and have flat-screen TVs.  We have two of these rooms.


king bed with kitchen

This room has a king-sized bed in one room and a kitchen, dining table, and pull-out couch in a separate room.  This room also has a large flat-screen TV.  This is the perfect room for extended stays.

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Double Room (room 15 pictured)

Double Room (room 15 pictured)

double room

Double Rooms have two queen beds.  Room 15 is handicap accessible. These rooms are tastefully decorated, have flat-screen TVs, a refrigerator and a microwave. We have three double rooms.


4 Queen beds with kitchen

This room sleeps up to eight with four queen beds and a full kitchen.  It also has a flat-screen TV.  We only have one of these rooms, so be sure to book early!


executive suite

If you are looking for opulence, this is your room!  The executive suite has one king bed. The room is beautifully appointed with antique furnishings, hardwood floors, a Jacuzzi tub, an electric fireplace,  and a full kitchen.  We only have one of these, so don't miss out!